Month: May 2012

  • Just Some Recent Pics, Drawings, and News

    The Sam’s diet has been going very well. He is more fur and less chub. Most importantly, The Sam is more healthy! His skin and coat are soft and lovely, dandruff-free. The Sam is also back to his old energetic self, tearing a** all over the kennel, chasing animals (4-legged and 2-legged!), loose leaves, and tiny foam soccer balls. He climbs a lot more, now, too. He doesn’t go too high, just enough to freak the chipmunks and squirrels (and me) out.

    He won’t be at the kennel for very much longer. We have found a place, one village over. We’ve signed the lease and gotten the keys. We have not officially taken possession (or whatever it is called) yet, because the place is being redone. Paint, all-new hardwood floors, a tiny bit of work in the bathroom and new kitchen counter-tops (I got to pick out my counter-top!). A couple of the inside doors are being replaced, too. It is going to look awesome when it is done. It has been rainy, so the painting has been slow-going (I did not know that the paint coats take longer to dry when it’s soggy out.).

    The village we will be moving into is even teeny-tinier than the one we live in now! From what we’ve seen so far, everything is within a block of where we live. Farther up, there is a cow-farm. In the other direction, there’s a school and a cool playground (with tennis courts, even!). Directly across the street is a green little park, and I have a feeling the three of us will be spending plenty of time there. One of us, after all, is addicted to grass. (We are thinking of getting him a harness and leash!)

    There are a lot of reasons to love the new place. The coolest is the upstairs neighbours: The Sam’s favourite caregiver, Katie, her boyfriend, and their two little dogs, Prince and Duchess. We didn’t know that until the day that Ken and I were going to go and look at the place. We went to visit The Sam first (it was a Saturday, and they are only open to the public until about 11am on Saturdays), and I asked Rick, the owner, if he knew anything about that particular area (He’s lived around here all of his life, and he has had a lot of helpful advice for us in the past.). He told us we should ask Katie, because she lives there… and she does!

    The Sam loves Katie, and he gets along with Duchess and Prince pretty well. No hissing or growling or anything like that, anyway. We love them, too. She’s a nice young lady, and her little Dachshunds are precious!

    That’s pretty much all of my news. Until we are all moved in, settled in, and hooked up to the internet, I probably won’t be on much (not that I have been on much lately, anyway, but I plan on being here a little more once I have some writing/reading space). So, um… See you soon!

    And YAY!!!

    My husband, Ken did all of the drawings.